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Author Topic: FiTech Fuel Pressure Requirements  (Read 1215 times)

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FiTech Fuel Pressure Requirements
« on: August 17, 2018, 02:42:54 PM »
One owners comments concerning Fuel Pressure Requirements from FiTech Owners Facebook page..

Here is the be all end all on fuel pressure. Please read fully before Commenting.

 IGNORE all previous instruction besides what is below. Our new instructions will have the below in them.

Go Street, Mean Street = 43 PSI
(if you are using an FCC simply change your EFI regulator over to the FCC and vise versa, for all external regulators set them to 43PSI)

Go EFI 4 600, 600 PA, 1200PA, Dual Quad 625HP, Dual quad 1200PA = 58PSI

If you have a FCC, Inline pump kit, aftermarket inline kit, aftermarket in tank pump kit, aftermarket return style regulator, aftermarket filter regulator (corvette filter regulator), or any other combination of the ones above, then you can use them with our system so long as they are set to the respective pressures for that unit.

Vacuum line routing:
The regulator vacuum line MUST be connected to MANIFOLD vacuum (rear passenger side 3/16 vacuum port), this is true for ALL regulators we offer. Be that on single Throttle Body, Dual Quad (both regulators if using both return ports, single regulator if your only using one TB for return), or FCC. You can "T" into this line if you need manifold vacuum for other accessories. For boosted applications you must route the regulator to a boost reference. For blow thru applications it would go to the same rear passenger 3/16 vacuum port on the TB, for draw thru applications (roots style supercharged, draw through turbo) we must route the vacuum reference to below the supercharger or in the intake in some fashion to get both vacuum and boost reference from this location for proper pressure compensation.The regulators need vacuum to help lower the fuel pressure at idle or increase fuel pressure under boost which helps fuel trim needs of the system to properly control fuel and AFR

Fuel pump restrictions:
340LPH or lower LPH can be used directly with our system with our regulators. If you are using a larger pump (anything larger than 340LPH such as an Aeromotive A1000 for example) than you must use and external regulator system with its own return (making sure to block our return with the supplied plug) and set the regulator to to respective pressure for that unit.

Over pressure:
If you are using a fuel system with a Mean street, or the Go Street and cannot regulate down to 43PSI, the system will compensate but it may make your trim and learn percentage pull out fuel and this could affect your overall fueling and could be slightly rich at idle. It wont damage anything but it wont be optimal for fuel consumption.

To swap regulators follow these instructions:
Release fuel pressure by cracking the feed line loose that goes to the throttle body, it will leak fuel and release pressure. Retighten line once this is done. Next remove two Allen screws securing regulator hold down to the passenger-side (non-linkage side), remove hold down and pull regulator out, you may need to rotate the regulator back and forth as you pull to get it out easier. Repeat this process on the FCC regulator. With both regulators out grease both the large upper o-rings and the small lower o-rings with lithium based grease. With that done slowly slide each regulator into its respective port, they will slide in smoothly with little effort DO NOT force them in as this will damage the o-rings. then install hold down and Allen screws and snug them down. you have now switched regulators.

If you need any further info you can look at our tech forum/tech article section of


The number is irrelevant regardless of what Fitech says. Needs to be above zero and below 50. Needs to have enough authority to increase RPM as needed at times and decrease rpm rapidly as needed.
You do. And yes, most "non-stock" motors like between 13 and 30 for idle steps, full warm.

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