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Author Topic: Installation of Hydraulic Clutch Conversion  (Read 1381 times)

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Installation of Hydraulic Clutch Conversion
« on: June 22, 2015, 10:17:40 PM »
Installation of Silver Sport Transmissions Hydraulic Clutch Conversion.

I had previously installed a Tremec TKO 600 in my 78 TransAm and while I was very pleased with the transmission, the action of the GM clutch linkage was not that great. The clutch would work fine when you were shifting gears but when it came to stop start as in parking or in stop and go driving the action of the linkage was very "sticky" it was hard to move the car by feathering the clutch at the friction point.  I had put up with the clutch working this way for a while but lately the clutch was not completely releasing when the car was cold and sometimes when it was warm. I had always thought it had to do with the Z bar system getting hot because it was very close to the headers.  So I finally got under the car and started to investigate just what the problem with the clutch linkage was. What I found was that the clutch fork geometry was out of whack. The clutch fork was moving too close to the back edge of the bell housing. This explained why the clutch was not always fully releasing. The remedy to this would be to pull the transmission and bell housing and install an adjustable fork pivot. I decided if I was going to go to this much work I should just swallow the cost pill and get a hydraulic clutch conversion.

I ordered the conversion form Silver Sport Transmission and this week with my son's help we installed the kit. 

Things went really well!

When we pulled the transmission we found that the clutch was in fine shape no internal problems there so I just proceeded with the hydraulic conversion.

The kit comes with the required linkage, the slave and master cylinders and reservoir along with their mounting brackets, the low and high pressure connecting lines. There is one step that is not in the instructions for the kit but is required for the job and that is to remove the inner fenders. I have always thought that this would be a real pain in the rear but on tip form Wheelman we simply removed all the attaching bolts and loosened the lower fender bolts and then we able to rotate the inner fenders out! Easy peesy. 

With the inner fenders out it was straight forward to drill the mounting holes for the master cylinder mount.

Next we lined up the provided linkage to the existing pedal

Next I mounted the master cylinder reservoir and ran the low pressure line.

The next step of removing the front bearing cover on the transmission to install the mount for the slave cylinder had me a little worried but it turned out to go very well. The instructions said to be sure not to let the input shaft slide out of the transmission!  We tipped the transmission up on a block to have gravity push the input shaft back into the case and made the change.

With the two of us doing it all was well.

You have to check that the slave cylinder has the required cushion dimension from the face of the release bearing to the clutch disc fingers. This measurement was simple to do and I did not need to make any adjustments. Silver Sport had sent a couple of shims if needed them It turned out my set was fine without them but it was nice to have then just in case.

Next step was to fit the slave cylinder in the bell housing, secure the pressure line and put them back on the engine.

With the slave in place we carefully installed the transmission and connected the pressure line to the master cylinder.

Finally we filled the reservoir with DOT 4 brake fluid and bled the system.

With everything bolted up and checked I fired up the car and verified that the clutch was fully releasing and went for a test drive.  The clutch worked better than it ever had! The pedal effort is not as light as a Honda but it is much better than the mechanical linkage. The huge improvement is in the smoothness of the clutch operation. It is very easy now to feather the clutch when pulling the TA into the garage after drive!

I should have done this long ago :)

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