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Author Topic: Installation of Sub Frame Connectors  (Read 1078 times)

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Installation of Sub Frame Connectors
« on: July 06, 2015, 11:59:35 AM »
Parts Source - http://www.pro-touringf-body.com/chassis_components.html

- 3/8th right-angle drill (Mastercraft $39)
- set of 8 - 1/2 inch long hex drill bits
- set of 3 of those gold cutout cone shaped hex bits. (must have these bits !!)
- regular set of bits.

I started out by finding the most level area of my garage, parked the car there and marked the tire positions.
I placed concrete blocks in those positions and, using a long straight edge and level, shimmed the lowest blocks up until level in all directions.
Then just placed car on leveled blocks.

I positioned the SFC ( held in place with a jack, tapped snug in place using hammer) and noted the areas of the frame to be cleaned. Gasoline does a good job of cutting through old underspray and leaving the paint underneath.
Once clean I re-positioned the SFC and traced out the holes on the frame using a small pencil or scratch awl.  (I found using just a punch to mark the hole did not work well, if the bit starts wandering you lose your center spot. You can still use punch before drilling).
Removed the SFC, marked the hole centers with punch and used the small 1/2 bits or regular bit to make small pilot holes on all locations.
Used the cone cutout tools  to enlarge the holes on the inside, and outside where possible. ( these bits are awesome! cuts a lot of time and aggravation out of the job)
On a couple I needed to use the enlarged inside hole to drill through to the outside pilot hole, but i was still able to get the cone bit in each hole. As the bit moves in you can straighten it out to a 90 degree angle
One bolt on each side by the springs had to be cut shorter by 1/2 inch. Fuel and brake line brackets were re-re'd.
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